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building our virtual library is a work in progress

Over the last several years RELUFA has been collecting documents published by various sources and made available by them online or through other electronic means. By bringing together the resources into this virtual library and by re-organizing and cataloguing them per topic we offer them as reference material for specialists, field workers, researchers, and anybody interested in the respective subjects that are currently preoccupying the african continent. We hope to make this way a contribution to the much needed diffusion of information.

DISCLAIMER: Whereas most of these resources contain highly reliable and in depth information, the thoughts expressed in the documents are the sole responsibility of their authors and do not reflect the network's viewpoint. RELUFA can therefore not in anyway be held accountable for the content and opinions brought forward in the documents. In this virtual library we simply bring together publications which are anyway already available on the web.

Food Security Indigenous Peoples  
Micro Finance Water  

Extractive Industries

Alternative Economies  


  • free trade
  • trade agreements
  • trade justice
  • alternative trade
  • export commodities

Renewable Energy

  • solar energy
  • wind energy
  • biofuels
  • agrofuels


  • family laws in Africa
  • widowhood
  • polygamy
  • female genital mutilation

International Debt

  • General
  • Debt relief
  • IMF and Worldbank
Globalization Fishery  
Global Warming    

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