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RELUFA partners with the Presbyterian Church USA through the Joining Hands Initiative of the Presbyterian Hunger Program. In support of longterm strategies that address systemic causes of hunger and poverty, Joining Hands collaborates with overseas networks of churches, non-profit organizations and grassroots groups. The program encourages US churches to accompany its JH partner networks through solidarity actions. Joining Hands has been established in Cameroon, South Africa, Lesotho, Egypt, Palestine, South India, Peru, Bolivia and, most recently, Sri Lanka. The global Joining Hands community is kept informed through the quarterly Joining Hands Newsletter.

Congregations in Chicago Presbytery and the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area have joined the program as Joining Hands companions of RELUFA. In solidarity with RELUFA's Economic Justice program, these Presbyteries are currently lobbying for the PCUSA to join the international Publish What You Pay Campaign.

Through the Joining Hands Program RELUFA has been able to secure support of its 2006 Food Sovereignty program from the Presbyterian Disaster Asistance (PDA), the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) and the United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR).

The Self Development of People program (SDOP) of the Presbyterian Church USA has in principle agreed to provide an initial start up loan fund for RELUFA's Credit Against Poverty program (CAP).

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